Sebastian Raschka

Sebastian Raschka received his doctorate in Quantitative Biology and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Michigan State University developing novel computational methods in the field of computational biology. Among others, his research activities include the development of new deep learning architectures to solve problems in the field of biometrics.

Sebastian has many years of experience with coding in Python and has given several seminars on the practical applications of data science and machine learning, and deep learning over the years, including a machine learning tutorial at SciPy, the leading conference for scientific computing in Python. Sebastian loves to write and talk about data science, machine learning, and Python, and he is very motivated to help people developing data-driven solutions without necessarily requiring a machine learning background. His work and contributions has been recently recognized by the departmental outstanding graduate student award 2016-2017.

Among his other works is his book “Python Machine Learning,” a bestselling title at Packt and on, which received the ACM Best of Computing award in 2016 and was translated into many different languages, including German, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Polish, and Italian. In his free time, Sebastian loves to contribute to open source projects, and methods that he implemented are now successfully used in machine learning competitions such as Kaggle.


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