Welcome to my home page!

I’m Sebastian Raschka: a machine learning aficionado,data analyst, book author, python programmer, open source contributor, computational biologist, and occasional blogger.

What's New

  • Upon multiple request, I uploaded the equation reference of my book from my drafts based on my chapter drafts; I hope it's useful!
  • Yes, I am/was writing on a new blog post, "Model evaluation, model selection, and algorithm selection in machine learning." Given the importance and complexity of this topic, I turned out to be quite lengthy! Good news is that I am "condensing" it right now; Part I, Part II, and Part III are already out!
  • Time is running so fast! We had such a great time at SciPy 2016 in Austin! And in case you missed it, Andreas Mueller and I gave an Introduction to Machine Learning with Scikit-learn; if you are interested, the video recordings of Part I and Part II are now online!

What's Next