Tips & Tutorials


Scientific Computing

  • Sorting CSV files using the Python csv module [Jupyter Notebook]
  • Using Cython with and without IPython magic [Jupyter Notebook]
  • Parallel processing via the multiprocessing module [Jupyter Notebook]
  • Entry point: Data - using sci-packages to prepare data for Machine Learning tasks and other data analyses [Jupyter Notebook]
  • Quick guide for dealing with missing numbers in NumPy [Jupyter Notebook]
  • Converting large CSV files to SQLite databases using pandas [Jupyter Notebook]
  • Sparsifying a matrix by zeroing out all elements but the top k elements in a row using NumPy [Jupyter Notebook]
  • Things in pandas I wish I’d had known earlier [Jupyter Notebook]

Math & Algorithms

Data Structures


  • Creating internal links in IPython Notebooks and Markdown docs [Jupyter Notebook]
  • A Simple Barebones Flask Webapp Template [GitHub Dir]